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Family Plan

Creating a family plan is a great place to start, and you can do this online, but the main thing is that no matter how much stuff you have prepared, if you don’t feel that your loved ones are safe, or don’t know how to reach them or find them in an emergency, you’re gonna worry.


Recommendation: Sit down and create a family emergency plan together.

Supplies: No special supplies necessary. 


Create a communication plan

Start by filling out a communication form: HERE  When you're done, print off multiple copies and keep them in places like your purse, car, kitchen, work and even give one to a neighbor. They fold up nicely and have all the contacts you might need in an emergency.  In the event of a disaster where communications are down, that form reminds you were your meeting locations are for your family.

There are good resources for this if you are having trouble doing this on your own:

Create a gathering plan

Consider different scenarios in your day to day life when your family is separated:

  • During the work day

  • On a weekend adventure

  • Running errands

  • Sports practices/games

  • Divorced parents

Consider what you would want to do if a major earthquake struck during each of those scenarios.  Is there a common plan that would work for each? Meeting back at the house doesn't always make sense in all scenarios, but having a plan and KNOWING the plan is what is most important.  Depending on where each family member works, it might take 24 or more to get home.  Family members might get anxious waiting that long, but at least they will not put themselves at risk going out to look for them if the plan is to meet at home.  

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