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First Aid

Any comprehensive emergency preparedness kit or disaster survival kit should include some type of first aid kit. 


Recommendation: Store a first-aid kit for your home.

Supplies: Various. See link below.

Shopping List

Option 1: Buy a first-aid kit for you home

Total Cost: $33


  1. First Aid Kit


In the aftermath of a major earthquake we will not be able to expect medical attention or easy access to medical facilities. We need to be self reliant. Often injuries sustained in an earthquake are from broken glass or falling objects.  Having a dedicated (larger) first-aid kit than just band aids in a medicine cabinet will be helpful to provide immediate medical attention.  

Optional Recommendation

Recommendation: Pool together with a few families and store a trauma kit for your neighborhood.

​Supplies: Buy or build a trauma kit for 50 people.

Shopping List

Option 1: Buy an off the shelf trauma kit

Total Cost: $200


  1. Trauma Kit

Option 2: Buy and build a trauma kit

Total Cost: $200+

The benefit of this is that you can consult with a medical expertise in your neighborhood to customize your bag and add specific items for earthquake injuries


  1. Amazon list link

    1. First Aid Bag with basic supplies

    2. Splint

    3. Field Dressing

    4. Steri-strips (skin closures)

    5. Self adhesive bandage

    6. Gloves

    7. Abdominal pads

    8. Tape

    9. Gauze rolls

    10. Gauze sponge

    11. Bandage/clothes shears

    12. Hemostats

    13. Bactine


In some cases some neighbors will need medical supplies that go beyond your basic first aid kit.  While not every household will need a fully stocked trauma kit, it would be nice for someone in the neighborhood to have a well stocked trauma kit like one of these.

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